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company news about Deer Electronics (Dissmann Fuse) Yang Guang

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Deer Electronics (Dissmann Fuse) Yang Guang
Latest company news about Deer Electronics (Dissmann Fuse) Yang Guang

Do New Energy Vehicle Fuses With Awe Electric Vehicle Resource Network


With the continuous growth of sales of new energy vehicles, traditional fuse manufacturers have increased the research and development of electric vehicle fuses in the past two years, and new energy vehicles have undoubtedly become a major business growth point for these manufacturers. However, similar to the overall development of the new energy vehicle industry, the relevant standards for special fuses for new energy vehicles have not been issued, and the entire industry is in the exploratory stage. So, what is the difference between the special fuse for new energy vehicles and the traditional fuse? What are the higher requirements for the relevant performance of the fuse under the complex working environment of the car? To this end, a reporter from the Electric Vehicle Resource Network interviewed Yang Guang, the general manager of Shenzhen Deer Electronics Co., Ltd.


Dissmann fuse manufacturers lay out new energy vehicles, accumulate and develop brands


Shenzhen Deer Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2000 as a small consumer electrical fuse. With the wave of consumption upgrading at the beginning of the century, the company developed rapidly. With the continuous development of new energy vehicles, the market demand for new energy vehicle fuses continues to increase. Yang Guang, general manager of Deer Electronics (Nanrong Electric), took the development of new energy vehicle fuses as a major direction in 2013 and continued to increase Big investment.



After more than two years of research and development, production, and testing, the fuses of the DISSMANN brand (hereinafter referred to as DISSMANN FUSE) under Del (Nanrong) have completed the entire industrial chain layout of the new energy automobile industry from vehicles to piles. Fuse products cover new energy vehicles such as electric buses, logistics vehicles, special vehicles, passenger cars, low-speed electric vehicles, etc., providing complete support for all aspects of the three-electric system, battery, motor, and electronic control. It is also realized in the field of charging piles. From the module to the system series of fuse products, all products have achieved high-efficiency and automated production. The current customer groups served are APPLE, DEEL, Samsung, BYD, Qianjiang Lithium, New Long March for Aerospace, Zhongtai, Huatai, China Merchants Sanyou, Beijing Guo Neng, Huawei, Liwei, Kstar, Shenghong, Auto, Infineon, Nuclear Technology Co., Ltd. and so on.



According to reports, DISSMANN FUSE has been widely known in the field of small consumer fuses, and has global well-known brand customers such as APPLE, DEEL, DYSON, Panasonic, Samsung, and Microsoft. Yang Guang told the reporter of the Electric Vehicle Resource Network that after the accumulation of technology research and development in the past few years and the continued intensive cultivation, in the next 3 to 5 years, DISSMANN FUSE hopes to become a well-known brand in the new energy vehicle industry and become a domestic professional car. The outstanding representative brand of regulated fuse.



Find directions in the market to make fuses that truly meet the needs of electric vehicles

Dissmann Fuses application in HEV,EV2

According to Yang Guang, most of the fuses for new energy vehicles currently installed in vehicles are traditional industrial fuses, which can achieve protection functions. However, due to the special use environment and working conditions of new energy vehicles, it is required that the fuse can not only guarantee the service life of 10-12 years under normal working conditions, but also realize the rapid and reliable cut off of sudden short-circuit current. Contradictory functional requirements make industrial-grade fuses feel pressured, while automotive-grade fuses came into being.


In order to develop fuses that are truly suitable for new energy vehicles, Yang Guang led the team to visit major battery manufacturers and car companies to understand the needs of end customers. Yang Guang believes that the complex application scenarios of new energy vehicles determine that its fuses must not only have the basic functions of traditional industrial fuses, but also can withstand challenges such as high temperature, severe cold, saline alkali, vibration, and altitude. The high-frequency full-load current circulates and impacts, and it can quickly cut off the instantaneous short circuit, and it is a lightweight product.


In response to these requirements, DISSMANN FUSE has carried out repeated research and development, testing, a large number of reliability tests, and the balance of various performance indicators. Finally, the automotive-grade fuses continue to mature until they meet the requirements and can be introduced to the market. However, Yang Guang also said that DISSMANN FUSE's products still have room for improvement. For him, the products are not the best, only better and more complete.



Class vacuum guarantees the arc extinguishing ability, so that the current can be quickly cut off


It is understood that when the fuse is about to be broken, it is easy to cause arcing. At this time, the current is still passing, which not only continues to endanger the safety of the circuit, but also further generates high temperature and produces a chain reaction. Yang Guang told the reporter of the Electric Vehicle Resource Network that the DC power on new energy vehicles is different from the AC power used at home. Its arcing ability is stronger, and the greater the voltage, the greater the arcing ability. Taking 1000VDC voltage as an example, the arcing distance can reach two meters. The strong ability of DC arc drawing also puts forward higher requirements for the arc extinguishing of new energy vehicle circuits. Therefore, the material and structure of the vehicle standard fuse are very important. For this reason, DISSMANN-FUSE's fuse products adopt the melt and composite arc extinguishing materials developed by itself, and a vacuum-like environment is formed in the fuse cavity through a special solidification process to ensure reliable and rapid arc extinguishing effects.


Strictly control the quality and make fuse products with awe


Repeated testing is an inevitable stage for the fuse from research and development to market launch. In Yang Guang's eyes, repeated testing and verification of product indicators is one of the most important links to ensure product quality. Yang Guang believes that he must be in awe of such a product that involves the user’s life safety. This is the first time he has witnessed the failure of a faulty product at the test site to give himself a vigilance. It is also the failure of every test in the development stage. The perception that will be generated after the product.


In order to ensure product quality, DISSMANN FUSE has developed or purchased a large number of testing equipment, and established a third-party witness laboratory for fuse authorized by UL and TUV to continuously conduct authoritative and objective testing and verification of products. In addition to conducting a large number of tests and verifications in internal laboratories, the authoritative Shanghai Institute of Electric Power, Guang'an Institute, Suko Institute, Zhejiang Low Voltage Electrical Apparatus Testing Center and other laboratories re-verify various key indicators until the product indicators are truly achieved. Reliable, mature, and then marketed.


It is precisely because of this kind of awe that DISSMANN FUSE has been developing photovoltaic fuses since 2012, and developing new energy vehicle fuses in 2013. It was not until 2016 that it officially launched its products to force the market. I wish our Chinese brand's fuses will help the vigorous development of China's new energy automobile industry with high cost performance, and bring glory to the country!


The development of new energy vehicles is bringing China's automobile industry into a new stage of development. The establishment of global technical regulations on electric vehicle safety means that the new energy vehicle standard system has basically been formed, and the new energy vehicle industry has also entered a new stage-the new energy vehicle 2.0 era. The China (Zhengzhou) New Energy Vehicle Industry Ecological Conference hosted by the Electric Vehicle Resource Network. This conference will discuss the theme of "New Energy Vehicle 2.0 Era" and look forward to your participation. In the new energy vehicle 2.0 era, I would like to accompany you all the way.


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